„Today we create the world that we will live in tomorrow”

Dancers in the Dark

Ladylectra has been an active member of the German club scene since her teenage years. The immediate connection between people and music sparked her interest in creating dark music to dance to, but also to challenge herself expressing emotions through music without lyrics. Her futuristic and avant- garde looks led her to be invited to play at Avantgarde-fetish shows, club nights, and festivals. Ladylectra already is a familiar name in the Munich dance scene, and is often asked to speak at DJ conventions due to her technical skills, and profound knowledge of the music industry.

Aside from her devotion to music, Ladylectra is very passionate about the world we’re living in and the deteriorating state of the environment. She wants to inspire people to look around and realize that the way we’re living now is not sustainable, by showing them the mess that the future will be if we don’t take action immediately. Through her music, liveshows, and branding, Ladylectra hopes to inspire people to use their own creativity to create a better world for ourselves and the generations that come after us.

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“Talking about electronic dance music is thrilling. My heart beats when the bass drops.”